PART 2 バンコックのブーム!ELLE主催2013年SSファッションウィークでタイを体験してきました!


 The thing about Elle Fashion Week in Bangkok is that because its perpetually hot around the year, the local designers have little to no sense of seasons. So then the fashion industry became this little self-contained world where the brands just each have their own shops in malls and don’t have to worry so much about selling to multi-brand stores inside and outside Thailand. So Elle Fashion Week is essentially for the customers, and a showing on-season of the 2013 SS collections. So there would be people in the audience wearing the same exact outfit from the runway that they just bought in store. It was a little bit “Tokyo Girls Collection” in that sense, but it still wasn’t as open to regular fans so I found it a bit disappointing in that sense (after all, Japan gets 50,000+ girls to PAY for tickets to on-season fashion shows!)

But you know what WASN’T disappointing? The quality of the visuals and commercials surrounding the fashion week. They were SO cool. Including this one, “rebirth” that played before every show. Just watch it, and try not to be creeped out. I just LOVED it.



Ok, back to Bangkok. Top picture: out hotel, the Centara Grand at Central World. The architecture on this thing was so slammin! Check out the arches because they are going to be key in just a second…

Below: Dinner at the top of Central World after a long day of fashion shows, at the most stylish place we’d been to. There’s a pool of water like a moat around each table inside so the trick is not to get too drunk to step in it. I wonder how often it happens.






Michel and I jaunted back to our hotel for a little drinky-drink at the Skybar at the top. This bar was the most amazing I had ever seen!  Michel here used to work for Givenchy in Tokyo, but now he is buyer for a concept shop in Bangkok. We got there late already and the live DJ was wrapping up his set. It was way past closing time, so they finally kicked us out and I tried to get some sleep for my last day. I remember other members of the team in the same elevator LEAVING the hotel as I was stumbling tiredly to my room. I stayed up all night previously updating the blog and answering emails…the life of a blogger…means staying in when everyone else is having fun sometimes! It’s responsibility after all.






Above: my final day, all dressed up for the temple and my appointments with the Sretsis girls and Moo from Moo Eyewear.

Wearing: Leopard dress with cape, Tulle mint and white striped sweater, vintage skirt, FINSK shoes, Plumb “mardi gras” wig, mame bag and Ad-hoc visor I just bought. Everything else is kinda stuff I had in my suitcase.

It was SO HOT this day but women are not allowed to show shoulders and knees in the temple so I dressed accordingly. I am here with friend Jason Campbell, a personal stylist from LA. I got to know him in Brazil during the Rio and Sao Paulo fashion weeks and I was there when he bought the OSKLEN pants he’s wearing now about 3 or 4  years ago. Total coincidence, and brought back a lot of memories (I`m going to have to pull out my pants I got on the same day and wear them again!).

Below: The most major temple in Bangkok. Everything here was SO gold! No sugarcoating it here; you were blinded by the sheen of it. And there’s so much design doing on, I needed to pay attention. But all I could focus on was how HOT it was +_+



もちろん年中真夏気候のタイ、この日もとても暑かったのですが宗教上の理由から女性が肌を見せるのは禁止されていたので忠実に守ってます。一緒にいるのはLAのパーソナルスタイリストJason Campbell。彼とはブラジルで開催されたリオファッションウィークで知り合って以来の仲。







Above: I need my National Geographic award for this shot of a lotus flower. I guess my new camera (Canon G15) is just so spiffy it captures dirty bugs in mid-flight. Rad!

Below: This mythical chick has a cool ass tat and even cooler gladiator boots.









Below: Finally, it was time for the last show of the week. Sonja owns one of the world’s most-watched shops in Shanghai “ALTER”, and I personally think it is one of the best in the WORLD (she also won the WGSN “best new store in the world award” 2012…incredible) . Sonja and I have very similar taste, although since she is in China she goes more “cool” while me being in Tokyo means its more “sweet”. Still , one brand we both love the same is MOO EYEWEAR. We met the designer before this show so we both rocked our new pairs of sunglasses for the photo ops. I can’t wait to present the new collection to you! The lookbook is to die for.




Above and below: At the Kloset show. At one point, a model came strutting out with a colorfully painted poodle on a leash. Right in front of me, the dog breaks loose from the leash and the model just keeps walking. So then the tropical canine starts running amuck, sniffing people, and finally leaves a present before being apprehended (…funniest. thing. EVER.)








Above: For the last excursion, all of us left standing were going on a cruise of the bay for dinner. I was so stoked, I love these things….
Below: Yu Masui ballin. He proves time and again that he is so confident and master of his own unique style. He wears a ton of local British brands, like Mawi and this JW Anderson ensemble. We joke that he is me in London and I am him in Tokyo. The Prada headband just made it so perfectly OTT.


下:ロンドンを拠点にエディターとして活躍する日本人マスイ ユウ。彼の唯一無二のスタイルにはこの私も行きを巻いてしまいます。彼が着ているのはほとんどがMawiやJ.W.AndersonなどのUKの気鋭ラグジュアリーブランド。彼曰く、ロンドンでのミーシャが彼で、日本でのマスイユウが私なんだとか笑





Above: Thanks to the awesome guys and gals of Paris’ ROMEO SHOWROOM. 

Below: My room after 4 days… I just slept on one side of the bed and left my stuff on the other side.





 At the airport, saying goodbye to Thailand. I left on the earliest flight, at 8am to make it to Tokyo back in time to DJ at Kira Kira at CLASKA and I *still* didn’t make it back in time, missing my gig. If you’re flying out of the Bangkok airport be warned that it takes at LEAST 2 hours to get to your gate… I’m not kidding, I barely made it! So don’t be late!

I really can’t wait to visit again, because I didn’t get to go to any markets, see the ocean, do any nightlife or finish my SHOPPING. And even though I didn’t do any of those things, the city still left a huge impression on me. That speaks louder than anything else! (except for the traffic. I could do without the traffic.)



Next up: Best of Thai brands