avant garde in harajuku

I am never one to let my legs go bare… I just can’t. Too white…pasty….like a blank canvas….and you know what we do with canvases… paint them up! I have drawers full of stockings I have collected over the years…I suppose that was all too obvious. Still, for many years finding unique, high-quality tights was always a challenge in Tokyo, and good ones would pop up only once every blue moon. It wasn’t until the ast few years have we seen an upsurge of unique stockings and leggings for our stems (and shelling out 100+$ for cool ones became no biggie. Me, I have Bernard Wilhelm, Balenciaga and Phi among others…). When searching for places to find unique leggings and tights in Tokyo, there was always the default; the 4th floor of 109 in Shibuya. But those imports are expensive, and one little hole and they’re finito (RAGE!!).

Then came local brand MAM 3 years ago, and a shop in Tokyo followed. It was recommended to me within *days* of its arrival in Harajuku last year.You’ll find the entrance thanks to the mannequins outside with prom dresses that look like a tango of 50s and 80s styles overdone. Either that, or from the disembodied legs hanging from the roof outside that lead you down a staircase to the basement shop. Inside, it’s all very straightforward; with racks and racks of colorful tights and leggings. There are imports here too, but most are from the original brand MAM.



manneqins outside

colorful tights

mona lisa

venice market

venice details

searing colors

minnie mouse tights

sailor tattoo tights
The best ones are the tattoo tights, inspired by sailor tattoos but are created to be asymmetrical on the legs.


disney tights

Also, I would never wear Disney on my person…and wouldn’t really recommend it for an adult (unless you’re Azaelia Banks) but I would go for these tattoo tights….preferably with a contrasting sleek LBD and Louboutins.



choco moo tights

Also, don’t forget to check out the pieces by Osaka-based illustrator Choco Moo. I have the “OMG” versions. The Elvis stockings actually look like Karl Lagerfeld to me.

Also in the shop is an interesting interior that straddles between kitsch, chic and schizo. There is also randomly a rack of high-grade denim, a hobby of the manager’s…and a rack of costumes for stage shows…er…drag shows…and that explains the mannequins outside.

あと忘れてはならないのが、大阪を拠点にイラストレーターとして活動するChoco Mooの作品。私がチョイスした物の名はOMG。エルビスの似顔タイツもあるけれど、私にはどうみてもカールラガーフェルドにしかみえないww



chanel poster

pink shoes


avant garde harajuku

So if ever in the market for tights then this should definitely be the first place you hit up– they also have an online shop. Let those legs express themselves!




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