TIME: 14:30
LOCATION: Hikarie, Shibuya
THEME: Circle marks the spot このひとの目印はサークル

Photos: Matthew Sperzel


このニットをじ〜と眺めると、ヒプノシスが起こるほどきれいにグラデーションがきいている。アンリアレイジの店員の話によると、一人がハンドニットによって、色と大きさを微妙に変えて編み上げた、と。どんだけ時間かかったか… 私のクローゼットの宝物。



If you stare at my sweater long enough, you may be hypnotized.

This is from the Anrealage 2016 spring collection of “spotlights”. The sales assistant told me this was a hand-knit piece, with not only a gradation of colors but of small increments of gauge size as well. I can’t imagine how long it took to knit one of them. But it’s a treasure piece in my closet.

Speaking of….we have lots of triangles, A-lines, rectangles, tubes, cocoons… but aside from the ol’ puff sleeve, the circle never really has had it’s heyday in fashion. Perhaps it had a “moment” in the 60s when the spacey mods donned their bubbles and capes. And then came Issey Miyake with those giant colorful circle jumpsuits, followed by Junya Watanabe with the cut outs and the vinyl. But the circle is still considered a “funny” silhouette when in fact, it’s extremely comfortable to wear.  It’s also very strong but cute (hello, polkadots), easy on the eyes, and simple but still unique. Circles should get more credit. And maybe I should kick the hypnosis up a notch.






トップス Sweater: ANREALAGE
スカート Skirt: DIXIE (Settisimo)
バッグ Bag: MatterMatters
シューズ Shoes: UNDERGROUND UK (Candy)

Photos (c) Matthew Sperzel Photography