8-bit Fashion. Anrealage Fall/Winter 2011 Tokyo

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anrealage fall winter 2011

Anrealage was the breakout collection for me this 2011-12 fall/winter season. Last season we saw really fun and experimental clothing, but it could be difficult to imagine one wearing the designs in that state. This newest collection however, was so perfect in its uniqueness as well as in its presentation that I was mesmerized throughout the entire 10 minute show.

And those SHOES! Don’t miss these babies! I certainly couldn’t; my camera was like a sniper’s sight that kept them in the crosshairs. BAM! It was love at first sight.

Anrealage named this collection “low” in reference to low resolution, or pixilated graphics. Certainly, a mosaic-like print was the star of this collection, splashed all over tailored jackets, dresses, tights, shoes and eyewear. There was even a piece that looked like jeans bleached with a pixel pattern. Even the “polkadot” patterns are actually pixellated when seen up close…






ANREALAGE is having an exhibit and ordering fair for this collection in Tokyo this week.
If you really, really, really, really want to purchase something, contact me on the right and I`ll see if I can work something out with the designers.

misha tries on the anrealage shoes

God was in the details here, with laser-cutout patterns glued on top of each other making for a lot of fun textures. Anrealage also has a patchwork shop so they can create those mosaic camouflage pieces and a beautiful brocade patchwork coat.

It was pitch-perfect for this season, full of color and introducing the throw-back 80s style graphics of the Nintendo era in a sophisticated way. Very 8-bit chic.





dark floral mosaic print


anrealage suit of floral mosaic



floral diamond shaped dress

trench coat by anrealage

8-bit tights by anrealage

long maxi dress in 8-bit


low resolution print coat by anrealage 2011


misha tries on the coat at anrealage 2011

Reflective tape trim!  |  反射テープでめっちゃ光ってる! w


patch jacket runway


laser cut jacket work


closeup of laser cut work


laser cut patchwork coat


my favorite anrealage coat


I love this coat so much

Anrealage has it’s own patchwork studio  |  パッチワーク専用のアトリエを持つアンリアレイジだけあって、こんな作品を手早く打ち出せる。


denim laser cut work


leather laser cut suit


more lasercut craftsmanship

Laser cut designs  | レーザーカッティング技術によるモチーフ

anrealage 8-bit jeans

Are these pixel-bleached jeans?!  |  モザイク柄でブリーチされたデニム・・なの?!かっこいい。

anrealage duffel coat


shunsuke tries on the duffel coat

Shun, who joined me this day, looks cool in a duffel coat.

tetris girl


tetris costumes at anrealage


anrealage finale 2011 winter fall


pocket detail laser cutout


menswear ties


low resolution pixel heel shoes

These shoes were my favorite part of the collection! I wanted at least three pairs. Actually, I loved a LOT of pieces from this collection, including the tights. But I didn’t order anything…I know I`m going to regret it. Too many weddings and new equipment for work to buy this season! 泣


この靴たちがコレクションの中でのお気に入り!最低でも3足は手に入れたいって思ったな。靴だけじゃなく、他にも気に入ったピースは沢山あった、タイツとかね。けど、何も注文しませんでした・・後悔するのは十分わかってます。けど、仕事のために買わなくちゃいけなかった道具が沢山あたったの・・涙 私だって、仕事をしている女性だからね。


my favorite pixel shoes

But everyone, you can check out Anrealage at their NEW boutique in Harajuku! See the map below.



***Also, see BACKSTAGE photos of the show here!***

shop map to anrealage

-Misha Janette
Assistant: Megumi Ishimura
Runway photos by Yume Takakura

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17 Responses to 8-bit Fashion. Anrealage Fall/Winter 2011 Tokyo

  1. LIVEY says:

    Do they sell the rainbow sunglasses too!!!!????? AMAZING WORK!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Hazel says:

    yaaaaaaaa I’D TOTALLY LOVE TO WEAR THESE!!!!!!! <3


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  7. María says:

    I love the School like jacket, the one with the ligth blue jeans, its amazingly cool!

    Gosh I wish I could buy it!!!

    Amazing blog girl!

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  10. fashion ista says:

    i love the patterns and the shoes are amazing

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