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去年の上海と今年の上海はどう変わった??眠らない新メトロポリスの出張レポート!shanghai crunch

Posts like this remind me that, no matter what grandiose illusions I may have, this site here really is just a blog (haha).


So I spent an inordinate amount of time in Shanghai a few weeks ago and I feel like the city took on another shape since I was there last summer. The only thing that didn’t change at all were some of those massive stadium-level construction projects in the middle of the city that kind of languish…



So I was brought to Shanghai by China-based shoe brand What For, a shoe brand that is a youthful offshoot of the popular Stella Luna “adult” brand (It’s like Nine West, Steve Madden, DIANA etc). I participated as the main guest to their Wonderland event in Raffles Center Mall, the city’s most populous mall. What For had a giant wonderland-inspired maze set up at the entrance where I stood in front of a huge gaggle of media and onlookers and talked about trends, how to style shoes with one’s outfits in creative ways and did a mini styling show. It’s a good thing I don’t get stage fright because I didn’t expect it at all. In fact, they were even advertising it on the mini tv screens on *all* of the taxis in Shanghai (!!!*_*), and I saw it as soon as I got into one from the airport and my jaw dropped.

今回招待してくれたのは、中国を中心に高い人気を誇るシューズブランド”What For”。こちらのブランドは、所謂大手シューズブランドのNine WestやSteve Madden、Dianaと双璧をなす位置付けとして中国では若者を中心に広く知れ渡っている。今回このブランドが、同じく大手のショッピングモール”Raffles Center”にてワンダーランドをテーマに行ったフォトエキシビション、そしてその後のトークショーに参加させて頂いた。会場では文字通りワンダーランドな巨大な迷路のセットが設置されており、このセットと、それと同じく想像を絶する数の観客の人達を目の前にしてトレンドについて、靴を使っていかに面白くスタイリングをするか、そしてちょっとしたスタイリングショーもやらせていただいた。もちろんこのイベントは凄く楽しかったけど、こんなに大きな規模の物だということを知らなかった私は終始驚くばかり。(幸いアガリ症では無かったから事無きを得たわけだけど)イベントが終わってからタクシーに乗り込んだら、車内のモニターでイベントが紹介されてたりして更に驚いた!聞くと、その期間中上海中のタクシーがこのイベントの宣伝をしながら走っていたって(驚

 what for wonderland with misha janette

what for maze

what for shanghai mad hatter

And then I kind of had an “empathy for celebrities” moment because I gave 9 or 10 interviews to magazines with only 15-20 mins per interview then straight on to the next one. It’s not a walk in the park…! They would ask me a questions and I`m like, “Wait didn’t I just tell you that? Oh wait that was another one. Oh no, was that answer consistent with what I said earlier? Am I totally contradicting myself?? AHHHH I`m going to sound like a schizophrenic!!”
In any case, that Raffles Mall itself is something else to write about…a constant sea of people… and they pretty much had every western apparel store imaginable in here…






そうしてインタビューが終わり、Raffles Mallを再度覗いてみたんだけどまだまだ人が溢れてくる様子で、改めて中国の人の多さを実感しました。ちなみにこちらのモール、日本でもお馴染みの海外ブランドなんかがいっぱい出店していて面白かったですよ!

 what for talk show

After the Wonderland event, I had a look around the city.

Franck, the yummiest brunch bistro (when you get proper service) I went to with the cool new friends stylist Viv, and Taipei shop owner Calvin.




franck shanghai

Tian difang is a little artist cubby hole neigborhood that is a little bit touristry in pockets but was a joy to visit. 

Tian di Fangはアーティスティックな雰囲気が魅力の隠れ家的なエリア。ちょっとツーリスティックなところもあるけど、凄くステキ。


tian difang



cafe thailand



I bought this oil painting in a gallery here.


oil painting from shanghai



The next day I came back to have coffee with Viv at trendy beatnik cafe Kommun… look at how THICK that foam is! The coffee and salads in Shanghai are worth the plane ticket. NYC is too far for it. 


kommun coffee

I caught a Chinese shopper who was super excited to get her photo taken with the BAPE ape in front of the Xintiandi Store . This shizzit is still wildly popular here.


bape shanghai 

My friend Ben has been running this select shop “Glossy” that sells to several thousand VIPs for 8 years now. He was one of the first to get the Freitag bags in China and he has a whole wall of them. Much like the Harajuku shops before, Ben actually started his business with just sneakers and now encompasses both women’s and men’s clothing. He sells Japanese brands Cherie, Fugahum and Arms.


 glossy shanghai


glossy glasses

Japan-made items are still held in high regard.



Next I went to visit my friend Nicole who started out working for Christian Dior in the office but now has her own line of leather bags under the label Nicole Zhang. I went to her workshop in the hippest area of the French concession, and it is tucked into a building in a narrow alleyway that you would never IMAGINE would house such a cute atelier! Tall ceilings, French and art-deco architecture, a little garden, and privacy. I picked through all of her bags and came out with “Wizard of Oz Emerald Green”, “Neon Wasabi” and “Sea-bottom Mirror” colored bags. I already use the blue one everyday to haul my iPad.

他にも友人で、Christian Diorで働く傍ら自身のレザーブランドを構えるNicoleにも会った。このアトリエは上海でも随一のヒップな辺に作らていて狭い小道を入ったところにある。でも中に入ると、外観からは想像もつかない可愛らしい内装。高い天井に、フレンチアールデコの建築様式。小さな庭に、ゆったりとくつろげるスペースまである。彼女の作ったバッグ、”オズの魔法使い”にインスパイアされたグリーンのものや、”ネオンわさび”なんてネーミングのもの、あと”深海の鏡”って名前のこの子は既に帰国後ヘビロテしている。

nicole zhang atelier

nicole zhang bags

prada mask 

Nicole is a hilarious prankster….love this mask. Ironically, she’s wearing Prada.


 alter shanghai

alter at xintiandi

sonja of alter

Don’t forget ALTER in Xintiandi Mall, owned by ma girl Sonja that has the coolest interior design I have ever seen. The stairs run all up the sides and on the ceiling like an Escher sketch.

I would come here and we’d have a glass of wine while getting ready to go out and party or just try on clothes. And Sonja tried on a lot of clothes! In fact, she is the “face” of her store so a lot of customers will ask her to wear something and take a photo and they will purchase it off that photo alone. 

そして忘れてはならないのがXintiandi MallにあるALTER。Sonjaが経営するこの店は、今まで私が見てきた中でも一番クールなインテリアの店。


Some Shanghai scenery. On one side we have this idyllic little green park…



scenery shanghai 2012

And on the other side it’s like WHOAH.




I noticed that Korean-made fashion was EVERYWHERE in fact the little knock-off boutiques are selling korea-made clothing for a *premium* price… this stuff is more expensive that shopping at H&M or Forever21!
 While shopping I ran into this store, called Fasicart (Fashion +Music + Art) that is run by a Japanese man and just opened a few months ago. It stocks Japanese brands like Dresscamp and John Lawrence Sullivan. There will be more brands and photo exhibits in the near future. When I asked the owner about why he opened a shop here (and while it’s in a nice area, it’s surrounded by knock-off shops!!) he said, “It was time to be a part of a new movement.”


その買い物中、偶然足を止めたこのショップ。Fasicart。これは、Fashion+Music+Artの略ね。このお店のオーナーは日本人だそうで、数ヶ月前にオープンしたばかりなのだそう。品揃えはというと、日本ブランドのDresscampやJohn Lawrence Sullivanなんかがメインとなっていた。オーナー曰く”何か新しいムーブメントを起こしたかったから”というこのショップでは、ブランドとコラボした催しやフォトエキシビションなんかも今後行っていく予定だそう。


My final omiyage: these shoes by Kim of shoe brand KIROIC. They need to be debuted outside properly at the perfect time with the perfect outfit. They are certainly treasures!!


 kiroic shoes

kiroic for ground zero

So that was my trip! I love this city, and even though I definitely will be staying in Tokyo, I wouldn’t mind visiting Shanghai more often. It’s the coffee and salads.


 Tokyo Fashion Diaries by Japan Fashion blogger misha janette | ファッションブロガーのミーシャジャネットの東京ファッションダイアリー


ここまで読んでくれたらシェアやいいねして下さい!レブログも歓迎。Tell me you read to the end! ↓



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