Fantasy school uniform fashion at Tokyo University

TIME: 12:40
THEME: アトランティス学園 –
Back to school-

Photos: Celia Humphries



そうそう制服といえば、このバッグはアナスイのベルばらバッグ!オスカル様の制服です。このコーデを見て、ちょっぴりコスプレ感がするかもね 笑(きゃ、初コスプレ?!)さて、詳細をご覧ください!↓↓↓

Although it is unusual in the West, incorporating school uniform fashion into one’s daily wear is en vogue in Japan and Asia. But for an adult woman it’s seriously stepping into murky territory. But thanks to the new generation of high-fashion designers, it’s becomes less squicky thanks to a refined balance of design, demureness and quality. In fact, this skirt by Akiko Aoki is just one pieces from a whole collection based on the school uniform, but it was nothing like the stereotype.
If I got to design my own school uniform, it would look something like this. Valentino shoes also required, of course (joking!). Speaking of uniforms, the bag is by Anna Sui and is inspired by a uniform from one of Japan’s most legendary manga “Rose of Versailles”.
my idea of school uniform fashion at Tokyo University
Idea on school uniform fashion at Tokyo University
school uniform fashion at Tokyo University red gate
school uniform fashion at Tokyo University
uniform fashion Rose of Versailles bag by Anna Sui
uniform fashion by Anna Sui Rose of Versailles bag
スカート skirt : akikoaoki
トップス shirt: GAP
バッグ bag: Anna Sui (7manga) “Rose of Versailles”
シューズ shoes: Valentino
Photos and graphics by Celia Humphries ♥