Anastasia Radevichの度肝を抜く素晴らしいシューズ

razor sea shoes

anastacia radevich

My original plan was to start off this blog as a bilingual place for news and info on Japan-related fashion that I like and nothing else. But right before I got it running, I was speaking with an editor who said to me “It would be nice if you could introduce some cool unknown designers from overseas sometimes too.” Rad idea! Because there’s only tons of them out there. For aspiring designers who read this blog, it’s also a chance to compare and contrast their own creations with counterparts overseas and rev up their motivation a bit.

Of course, this designer I`m fawning over now is starting us off with the bar raised so high not even the pros can touch her, really. Meet shoe designer Anastasia Radevich.



今回は、実は・・プロのデザイナーだって敵わない、素晴らしい作品を生み出しているAnastasia Radevichの紹介です。

bio shoes from radevich

Crazy beautiful. Insanely innovative. Mentally MENTAL. There are NO superlatives worthy of wearing these glass slippers.

For example, take the pumps in the above photo; see the blue part? that’s not a pattern, it’s a fully working f-i-b-e-r  o-p-t-i-c light!!
We’re going to have another sludge epoch because the Big Bang just happened in my head.




anastacia radevich under the sea


The Belarus-native, Canada-based designer worked for Nicholas Kirkwood and Alexander McQueen before going at it alone in 2009.

I had to see if she was indeed working on her brand, and was eager to touch base so I sent off an e-mail to her studio…(continued)


ベラルース出身、カナダ在住のAnastasiaは、Nicholas Kirkwoodやアレキサンダー・マックイーンのアトリエで経験をつんで、2009年より自身ブランドをスタートさせる。
完全にファンとしてこのファンタジアの穴に陥った私。eメールでAnastasia本人 にコンタクトしようとしたらどういう返事が来たかというと・・・?!(続き・・)


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anastacia radevich new colelction

..and what did I get back? A wonderful little message that said “Thank you for your kind words!”  And a nice selection of photos from her newest collection, Dreamfall. The shoes right above this are from that collection, and its a soft prance through the deep sea and beach.

Her other collections, including Biofuture & Kinetik are a tangible vision of abstract+hightech possibilities.

As it is, Anastasia’s creations are not available in Japan yet (although she hinted in older online interviews that distribution would begin in Japan later this year??)
Even so, for those who HAVE to have a piece, they can be made to order through personal requests on her website. The prices for the new collection run CAD $1400-$1700.





anastacia radevich bio collection

bio collection 2010

anastacia radevich saran wrap shoes

anastacia radevich tokyo

anastacia hologram shoes


hologram shoes anastacia


anastacia radevich shoes are brilliant

anastacia radevich dream shoes

inspirations and sketches


Her website is full of more incredible photos and sketches, so please check it out.

And if anyone here actually, seriously, really orders a pair, please contact me! I would like to shake your hand (and check out your feet).




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