NYCメトロポリタン美術館でのアレキサンダーマックイーン『Savage Beauty』(ワイルド・ビューティ)展のレセプション!

three dresses on display


Thank you to everyone for your comments on facebook and tweets on Twitter! It was a really fun 24 hours, and the lack of sleep kind of put me in a half-dream full of tulle and McQueen-ized paillettes. McQueen may have left us, but fantastical fashion lives on! I am still *kicking* myself for not picking up a dress I loved last year from RESTIR, and soon after that he died and the dress was gone.
FYI the “Savage Beauty” exhibit is on from May 4-July 31. I don’t have any work in New York this summer so I don’t think I will make it, heartbreakingly, but might make a crazy last-minute jaunt just to see it. If you can’t either, then get the catalog as shown below.


ところでマックイーンの「Savage Beauty」展は5月4日~7月31日まで。私は・・残念ながらNYCで仕事の予定がないーーー!!でもやっぱり我慢できなくて飛んでっちゃうかもね! 笑。ん・・やはり自分の目で見たい!それまでに、展示のカタログも素敵らしいので、いけない方も是非チェック!


Do you really think to find the best fashion in the world you have to look to the red carpet of the awards ceremonies?

Hell to the no! The most wonderful fashion you will get swept up in is that of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC’s Costume Gala.  It is held every year at the beginning of May and it’s conductor is none other than Vogue US’s editor-of-the-universe Anna Wintour. Therefore, you can look forward to seeing not only fashion’s top stars, but also hollywood and musician darlings giving it 300% to wear the most fantastical gowns they can get their hands on.

And even better? The theme this year is about Alexander McQueen, my hero designer who left this planet to suicide last year. The exhibit is titled “Savage Beauty” and you can be sure to see some rabidly awesome fashion at the opening gala.



もっとも素敵なファッションを見るには、毎年5月頭から開催するメトロポリタン美術館・衣装館の展示イベント「Metropolitan Gala」。

しかも今年のテーマは、なんと、去年去ったアレキサンダー・マックイーン!!!タイトルは「Savage Beauty」(ワイルドビューティ)。私のヒーローであるマックイーン。私も出席できたら・・夢のまた夢!


Holy BDSM! there is a “Savage Beauty” catalogue that will be released by the Met! And it’s available on Amazon!! You can get it here |
OMG マックイーン展のカタログも出るみたい!ここで見つかったの!→アマゾン・ジャパンで!3,000円ちょい。絶対買い!


catalog for mcqueen's exhibit at the metropolita

via Amazon

See the rest of the article for best dressed list, pics from the exhibit, preparatory photos and a VOGUE homage.







Festivities start MONDAY, NYC time in the evening! I will be live-blogging here, imagining myself in a Fall 2009 piece, if I had my dreams come true. Until then.. I will be posting the best of the best here!


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My last bit! Here are some rather unknown fact of the Met Gala, as revealed by Thread NYC:  |
最後に!あまり知られていないMet Galaの豆知識を発見!:


It began in 1948. At the time, tickets cost $50 to attend.

The Gala is a fundraising event for the Met’s costume institute, and the ONLY way it gains funds.
Last year it raised 9 million dollars!

There is a system in which invited brands are asked to reserve a table, which costs between $75,000-$250,000. Each.

Famous celebrities who are invited by VOGUE pay $0.

VOGUE matches up celebrities with designers, and offers suggestions on dresses to wear.

Every year a musical performer does a mini concert at the dinner. Last year it was Lady Gaga, this year it was Florence and the Machines.



Met Galaがないと、経営予算が0円になる。宴会の参加費と寄付により、去年は9億円も獲得できたそう。




スペシャルなゲストがライブパフォーマンスをするトラディション。去年はレディー・ガガ。今年はFlorence & the Machines。




You are not able to just “go” to the Met Gala, you must be invited. If I were in attendance, I would have worn this piece from the spring/summer 2005 collection. The hat, which is a wooden carving of an Oriental village, together with the cute and incredible dress, is perfect.

Met Galaに行きたくても、VOGUE編集長のアンナ・ウィンター本人に招待されないと出席できない。もし、私がお招きされたら、2005年春夏の下記の作品を身につけたいと思う。


alexander mcqueen spring 2005

4pm. That’s it! All of the best looks are below. Not a lot to choose from…
I was looking for INSPIRING pieces that evoked a sense of wonderment that McQueen himself manifested.



I just read this about McQueen on the New York Times website: “Mr. McQueen once designed a bustier of live worms layered between clear plastic.” Wha.

先ほどニューヨークタイムズのMet Galaレポートで呼んだ一言が印象的でした:「マックイーンが生きたままミミズをプラスチックで挟んでビスチエを制作したことがある」、と。うわっ。


designer for alexander mcqueen sarah burtonSarah Burton, head designer for the Alexander McQueen brand



2pm Oh that will teach me to leave for even ONE SECOND. I go to sleep and my internet gets cut off! A call to tech support and three hours later, I`m back! So now I have all of the best looks. Updated below!



daphne guinness in alexander mcqueen at the met galaDaphne Guinness in Alexander McQueen


christina ricci and zac posen at the met galaChristina Ricci and Zac Posen, in Zac Posen.
She’s definitely the protective goddess of the red carpet. This is breathtaking! Remember her outfit two years ago?(below) I literally catch my breath with these dresses.


christina ricci at the met gala 2009 in ginvenchy Christina Ricci in Givenchy 2009


anna dello russo in mcqueen


vogue japan editor anna dello russo in mcqueen

VOGUE Japan Fashion editor, Anna Dello Russon in McQueen.
She managed a hat that didn’t have plumes and exotic birds sticking out of it. Respect.



shalom harlow in marchesa at met galaModel Shalom Harlow in Marchesa. This is excruciatingly gorgeous as well.



alexander mcqueen robots painted this dressFrom the McQueen exhibit: if you remember Shalom Harlow wore this dress while spray painted with robots for one collection finale.



liv tyler at met gala 2011Liv Tyler in Givenchy couture


miranda kerr in marchesaMiranda Kerr, in Marchesa.



kaorlina kurkova at the met galaModel Karolina Kurkova. Probably in McQueen. (EDIT: It’s Jean Paul Gaultier)


natalia vodianova at met gala 2011Model Natalia Vodianova in Valentino (with the designer)


beyonce in pucci at the met galaBeyonce in PUCCI with Jay-Z. McQueen often took inspiration from the Spanish matador so this is fitting.



marc jacobs at the met galaMarc Jacobs and business partner Robert Duffy in kilts (McQueen was from Scotland)



8:00am I can’t stay awake anymore! Sleeping for a bit!  |  午前8時 もう眠すぎる・・!一寝してからまたMet Galaに戻る!★


7:47 am Anna Wintour appears!!  |  午前7:47 米VOGUE編集長のアンナ・ウインターが登場!!


anna wintour in chanel couture at savage beauty

Chanel couture  |  シャネルクチュール

7:00 am The red carpet and photographers pit at the Met Gala. Everyone should be showing up soon!  | 午前7時  レッドカーペットとフォトグラファーの“ピット”の様子。もうそろそろ始まる気配!

red carpet at the met gala

via @WorldMcQueen


6:50am Oh man I spoke too soon…I am getting REALLY tired =_=. Hurry up celebs and come down the carpet!  |  午前6時50分眼覚めたとおもいきや・・めちぇめちゃ眠くなった。はやく、レッドカーペットに登場して下さい、有名人のみなさんよ。


6:30am I ate a little bit and now am getting my second wind! Excited to see some amazing FASHION! | 午前6時半。ちょっと食べたから目が覚めたかも!素敵なファッションを発見するの楽しみ!!


6:00am The outfit that couture queen Daphne Guinness is wearing to the Gala. She changed into it in front of onlookers in a Barneys New York window, natch. Guinness, who owns Isabella Blow’s wardrobe in its entirety, was a major contributor to this McQueen exhibit (Isabella owned McQueen’s first collection!)


daphne guinness changes in barneys windows

via @Racked

東京で朝が明けました。私の、ファッションへのロイヤリティをこんなにはっきりして初めてかも。自分にも。そして、まじに本格的ブロガーになったような気もする 笑


More photos of the exhibit have been released from the museum. It is split into six sections, each with a title preceded by “romantic”. It is said to be telling a gothic fairy tale. | 展示の様子を見れる画像、幾つか公開されています!展示は6つのパーツに分かれて、すべてのタイトルには「ロマンチック」がつく。全体的に、「ゴシックなフェアリーテールを語っている」だそうだ。

tartan plaid looks from mcqueen exhibit

each part is titled with romantic

mcqueen masks created by guido



The exhibits at the Metropolitan’s McQueen display are sure to be dramatic. This is exactly how I imagine McQueen’s pieces to act; with movement as if they harbor their own spirits that bring them to life.



movement in the mcqueen exhibit

via Vogue


To me, the Metropolitan Gala is the World Cup of Fashion. So no matter the awful morning hours, I will be up, watching the news!

Alexander McQueen’s “Savage Beauty” is on until July 31st. If you are in NYC and don’t go see it, may God and Lee himself spite you with a broken heel.
アレキサンダー・マックイーン「Savage Beauty」展は、NYCメトロポリタン美術館にて7月末まで展示される。


玄関の横の階段にうん千本ものバラを設置中。 |  At the entrance stairs, staffers place thousands of roses in preparation for tonight’s gala.

setting up flowers for the met gala

via @JimShi809

SS10で披露された「アルマジロ・シューズ」10足も展示されているらしい。これはめちゃめちゃ履いてみたいね。非人間って感じで。 |  10 of these “Armadillo Shoes” from the 10 ss collection are on display. Waht it would be like to try these on not be human for awhile?

mcqueen armadillo shoes


Limited edition tartan plaid skull clutches are $1700. At the Met gift shop. | 限定のタータンチェック柄クラッチは約15万円する。美術館のお土産ショップで。

limited edition mcqueen bag


Kate Moss hologram! This blew everyone’s MIND away when it appeared as the finale of the show | ケイト・モスのホログラムも!これは演出として、傑作ね、

kate moss hologram

This is the entrance to the museum; a giant tree. McQueen always had a fascination with nature. And remember his collection, the dedication to Issie Blow? “The girl who lived in the tree” was what it was called, and he had a huge tree placed in the center of the runway.


この巨大の木がMetの玄関に現れたそうだ!マックイーンは自然と複雑な関係があったね。あのイサベラー・ブローへのコレクション「The Girl who Lived in the Tree」にも、巨大な木をランウェイのど真ん中に置いたしね。

entrance to the met gala


clam shell dress

This dress is made of clam shells | この作品は貝殻のみでできているらしい



12am They’re putting up the McQueen-themed windows at the ineffable Bergdorfs. Someone in NYC, take some photos of it for me!!

mcqueen for bergdorfs image



mcqueen for bergdorfs window


午後7時半 プレビューとして、VOGUEで掲載されたファッションシューティングです (美術館で展示される準備中、というテーマみたいですね!):


7:30pm To get it started, see the photos from the newest edition of VOGUE US, shot by Steven Meisel, called “Alexander the Great”. It’s like the models are getting unpacked from their boxes and readying themselves for the exhibit. Stunning.

alexander mcQueen savage beauty


beauty savage preview in vogue



preview in vogue magazine


flower dress of silk and fresh flowers alexander mcqueen



mcqueen chess piece from it's your move


kimono strait jacket by alexander mcqueen


-Misha Janette

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