Alexander McQueen opened a new shop in Roppongi Hills on Thursday and it’s the world’s first McQueen accessories shop. This means a wealth of jewelry, shoes, bags and of course a large selection of the signature skull scarves. The SS collection was based off of honeycomb and bees so the honeycomb graphic can be seen all over the place, from bags to shoes that come with see-through netting alluding to a beekeeper’s mask. I have an irrational fear of bees (my mother is allergic so I never liked them) but the honeycomb pattern is so mesmerizing I can get behind it.

今週木曜日、六本木ヒルズにオープンした世界初となるAlexander Mcqueenのアクセサリーショップ。マックイーンといえば爆発的な創造力のランウェイもさることながら、充実したアクセサリー類で日本はもとより世界中で愛されているブランド。このショップでは人気のスカルスカーフはもちろんのこと、ランウェイの世界観を反映したジュエリーやシューズ、ファン垂涎のバッグシリーズも一同に見ることができる。今シーズン春夏コレクションのテーマとなっている蜂の巣の六角形を模したグラフィックは、バッグやシューズにも見られ、中には本物かと見まがうような蜂蜜採りのマスクのようなヘッドピースなども発表された。個人的には、蜂には幼少期に苦い思い出があって正直苦手だったのですが、こんなに魅力的に生まれ変わった蜂の巣なら喜んで持ちたいと思わせてくれた。





And even better, the shop currently has two showpieces from the runway on display until the 11th. You’ll see that the lace overlay is actually BEADED to look like honeycomb lace. The weight on this dress must be incredible. I was asking about the pieces and I was told that McQueen only makes one set of showpiece samples so they have to be shared with the world. That is amazing because many big brands have to make several sets to give to their multiple showrooms around the world. If McQueen shows 50 looks then every single magazine, celebrity and window display in the world has to share those pieces—!! So it’s really a treat to be able to have them in Tokyo!





Check out the colors on the scarves made only for this Roppongi shop. 



I am a huge McQueen fan (my wallet is McQueen and is from the meatpacking store in NYC) and I especially love the gothic, dark side even though everyone thinks of me as being colorful. Long live BLACK, forreal.








So, I didn’t expect to come to this store and get goosebumps, but I was like a plucked goose the whole time. See, the store collaborated with an artist to create a window piece for the opening. …I was led out front to see it, and there it was “Artist: Motohiko Odani”

Oh that’s FREAKY! See, Odani is an incredible artist who had an exhibit in Roppongi Hills Mori Art Museum a few years ago. When I went to see it I immediately saw a lot of McQueen in his art, especially when it came to fashion as art, beauty and torture, pain, gothicism and elegance. I even wrote a  freaking essay on it here on the blog. So it was very satisfying to see that I wasn’t the only one who pictured the combination. For this store, Odani created a “Shroud of Turin”, the one believed to be the cloth that Jesus was wrapped in when he died then came back to life in his tomb. For Odani’s shroud, he created it out of the McQueen union jack scarf and even put a face on it. On the side it says “God save McQueen”

そしてそして、個人的にこのショップで一番興奮したのがこのショップのウィンドウディスプレイを手がけたアーティスト、Odani Motohikoさんにお会い出来たこと。
彼は数年前に同じく六本木ヒルズの森ミュージアムにて展覧会も行った素晴らしいアーティスト。当時より彼の作品のファンだった私は、どこかマックイーンと似通った世界観があることを感じ取り、当時書いていたブログにて紹介していたのでしたそして蓋を開けてみると今回この二組がコラボしていたということで、偶然とは思えない何かを感じました。今回のディスプレイのテーマを“トリノの白布”と呼ぶ彼は、キリストが死後生還したエピソードに乗っ取りマックイーンのスカーフを使い表現していました。その横にには“God save Mcqueen”の文字。してやられたり!



Check out the shop when in Roppongi Hills!