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若手ジュエリーデザイナーのJoji Kojimaによる指にはめられる動物ユートピア。2012年クチュールコレクションをご覧ください

armadillo utopia ring by joji kojima

It’s been a year since we’ve seen jewelry sculptor Joji Kojima dazzle us with his amazing imagination in couture jewelry. And he has dazzled us numerous times previously; masks for Lady Gaga & L’eclarieur Royale, cocktail rings literally made from cocktails, and rings where he used his own skull as a pattern for a 3D-printed ring (that’s *ahem* using your head!). 

Joji Kojimaのクチュールジュエリーがこうやって私達を魅了して、もう一年になるだろうか。始めのころは、”Lady Gagaが付けてたマスクの”というキャッチコピーだった気もするが今となっては素晴らしいL’eclarieur Royaleコレクション、カクテルシリーズのリング、3Dプリントで出力したスカルのリングなど他の名前に頼らずとも十分に素晴らしい作品を数多く生み出してきた。


utopia by joji kojima


His newest collection saw Joji taking inspiration from a host of animals… and not your usual Tokyo fare, i.e. sonical hedgehogs, electric pika-things and kittys that say “hello”… no, he’s sprouting four feet, wings, gills and trunks as he explored a fantastical utopia of anilas and the beauty of their existence epitomized in jewelry. Joji stripped the forms down to a simple streamlined shape as a single-knuckle armor ring. 

Check out the photos and see if you can guess the animal with the ring. 


utopia ring stingray joji kojima 2012

Stingray / アカエイ

elephant utopia ring by joji kojima

elephant / 像

flamingo utopia ring by joji kojima

flamingo / フラミンゴ

utopia ring python joji kojima

Brontosaurus! Oh, I got this… python / パイソン

utopia ring lizard

lizard / トカゲ

deepfish utopia ring by joji kojima

deepsea fish / 深海の魚

horse joji kojima

horse / 馬

This collection is far simpler than what we have seen from Joji previously perhaps, but I think his challenge this time was to filet the frivolity and show off his skills at scultping a piece of brilliant couture. The rare leathers sitting on polished-to-perfection curves show that animals themselves can transform into simple forms of beauty… are they perhaps more liberated than humans?

This was actually the question Joji asked at his exhibition at Mercedes Benz Connect during fashion week as he set the rings in gilded cages among brush and flora in an ephemeral Utopia setting.



utopia setting by joji kojima

joji kojima 2012 utopia collection

utopia ring by joji kojima

joji kojima at mercedes benz 2012


All of the best things in life are rare, and so are these pieces as they are made-to-order only. For the rest of us who might want a piece of Joji’s world, you might be able to get this piece below, which is a gold “Cheers!” necklace of goblets that open and shut by magnet. I have this necklace and I love it. It might be available to order here at Ultrabloggers still.  

世界の最も良いものはみんな、レアに決まっている、というようにこちらのジュエリーもそうです。すべて受注性のクチュール的な作品です。でもJoji Kojimaの作品をどうしてもリーズナブルに手に入れたい方へおすすめできるのは、このゴブレットネックレス。私も持ってて、比較的にすごく手頃だし・・詳細はこちらです

joji kojima cheers glasses


And now that you’ve see it all, would you believe he’s still in his mid-20s?! Egads, talent! I leave you with an old sketch done by Joji which I have an affinity for… a look at this mind and a unique spell of nature.



joji kojima


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