anrealage shop 2011

Ever wondered what it would be like to get all pixellated like TRON? Well! This…..is nothing like that. Pixels ‘n stuff just kind of reminded me of TRON. 

This is a far more refined pixellated world, and it’s how ANREALAGE has their store all decked out for their current Fall/Winter collection. Every season ANREALAGE will shutting down their store for a few days to re-outfit the interior to match the theme for the season. Since this time it was all about “low-resolution”, designer Morinaga and his team created blocky furniture and fixings for the shop. I knew I needed to see this in person…and it is far more detailed than you can even see in these photos! The chair and table are created from wood, and the light fixtures and construction cone, etc. are probably created through 3-D printing (which the brand often utilizes). Even the rug …is also a pixellated persian!!!





anrealage chair



When I went to visit recently  just to check it out and pick up some of the block-print tights, Twitter superstar Matsuyou was there trying on different outfits for a photoshoot so the racks were full of the amazing show samples. All of the handiwork done here is still so amazing to see. But the season is almost over so it’s your last chance to check it out!




anrealage aw 2011

On your way out admire the work of the mannequins lithely boring their way through the wall…(!!)..




shop interior

Looking forward to seeing how it looks next season too!


2-25-10 Jinugumae, Shibuya-ku (byeond Diesel/Kurkku in Harajuku)

(原宿) 東京都渋谷区神宮前2-15-10 ANREALAGE BLD 1F / 03-6447-1400

anrealage map

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